Hotfrog Basics and How-tos

Get to know Hotfrog. The articles in Hotfrog Basics and How-tos are an introduction to Hotfrog profiles and how they can help your small business. Discover the different features in a Hotfrog profile and browse step-by-step guides on how to use these features. Articles in this topic also discuss the importance of frequently updating your profile as well as how to seize the benefits of our paid option, Hotfrog AdVantage.

  • Not sure how to share your Hotfrog profile?

    Sharing the highlights of your business online should be a key component of your marketing mix. That's why Hotfrog is making it easier for you to share your Hotfrog profile and news about your products, services or your business on a range of social media platforms. Find out how.

  • Hotfrog's reviews, ratings and comments - Guidelines

    Hotfrog's reviews, ratings and comments are an effective new tool that allows both Hotfrog featured businesses and searchers using the site to establish a dialogue online with their contacts by sharing constantly updated information on Hotfrog. These guidelines are designed to facilitate the use of the new Hotfrog's reviews, ratings and comments feature.

  • Five tips to help you deal with negative customer reviews

    Your small business is exposed to reviews by customers publishing in endless online channels. Handling the negative reviews that appear in these channels is not always easy, but is part of the life of the small business owner in the twenty first century. Here are some tips to help you handle irate online reviewers.

  • One-click sharing on Hotfrog

    You can now share anything you add to Hotfrog with all your friends and followers. Log into all your accounts once and then share on Hotfrog with a single click without having to log in again. Learn more.

  • Using social login on Hotfrog

    You no longer need to remember your Hotfrog details - Choose a social login and then use it to log in to Hotfrog always. Learn more.

  • Hotfrog just got more social - Press release, November 2012

    Always working to strengthen communication between businesses and searchers, Hotfrog has launched a range of new tools designed to make it easier for businesses to promote themselves on social media across 50 different platforms. Find out more.

  • How to encourage customers' reviews, ratings and comments

    Hotfrog's recently introduced Reviews, ratings and comments feature allows you to create a dialogue between yourself and your customers and between your customers themselves. But, how can you encourage time-poor business owners to start a conversation in your Hotfrog profile? This post offers a few tips.

  • Writing Google-friendly products and services information on Hotfrog

    Small business owners need to be on top of their SEO game constantly. To help out, Hotfrog offers a few good alternatives that allow you to be seen and found more easily on the net. Updating your products and services frequently is important, but so is the type and quality of information you publish. Find out more.

  • Optimise your Hotfrog Profile for more business leads: Lesson 2 - Be found where customers are looking

    Finding qualified customers requires you to think about the problems that your products and services help them solve. Lesson 2 shows you how to create appealing content that solves your potential customers’problems and help you reach them more effectively.

  • Why should I share examples of my best work on Hotfrog?

    Your Hotfrog profile allows you to share an unlimited number of your best work with your potential customers. Make sure you use the full potential of this feature and showcase the best of you and your business. Find out how.

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